Cheadle DATA Recovery Ltd - Expert Data Recovery in Manchester, UK since 2006.

Free Diagnosis & No-Recovery, No-Fee.  For assistance call: 0161 408 4857.

Specialist Hard Disk Drive, Solid State Disk, Memory Stick & RAID Data Recovery Services. 

  • Fixed price provided in advance.
  • 12 to 72 hour services available.
  • Proven success over 18 years of trading.
  • No hidden or non-refundable charges.
  • No data recovery, no fee.
  • File list provided ahead of payment.
  • Professional services.
  • Independent reviews.
  • Expert RAID & server data recovery.
  • Fully equipped lab.
  • Data stored securely.
  • Convenient South Manchester location.

How much does data recovery cost?

CDR – Manchester Data Recovery Services – was established in 2006 and has been based in South Manchester since then. CDR’s aim has been to offer a professional and reliable data recovery service. CDR has a high success rate in the recovery of data. This is a result of using the right equipment combined with experienced staff who are proficient in dealing with all types of hard disk drive and solid state disk failure. However, there are times where data recovery is not possible. In these cases CDR makes no charge for its services. CDR knows what an emotive issue lost data can be and ensures accurate quotations over the phone based on the fault description. CDR does not just quote the lowest possible price over the phone but we will always send you a full up to date price list by email. CDR’s aim is to ensure a clear pricing structure and process relating to the recovery of your data.

Cheadle DATA Recovery Ltd guarantees:

Fixed price quotations.

No diagnosis fee & whilst-you-wait diagnostic service.

If it is not possible to recover your data there is no fee.

No hidden charges (e.g. donor part fees or excessive courier fees).

CDR is capable of ensuring a successful hard drive recovery, including for disks suffering from bad sectorsfirmwareprinted circuit board or mechanical failure will be rescued. Moreover, CDR has full capabilities for SSD firmware/microcode recovery, and 'chip-off' recovery for Flash NAND devices (memory sticks/cards).

Specialist RAID array, server, SAN, NAS and virtualised disk data recovery services are available, including an emergency 24 to 72 hour service for business critical data. CDR can offer a fixed price quotation on RAID array data recovery in advance of receiving the disks.