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Cloud Storage and Data Loss – What you need to know.

Cloud Storage Often Results in Data Loss | Business News Daily.

A number of the dedicated IT support businesses I work with ask me whether data recovery will be ‘dead’ come cloud storage and solid state disks (SSD). Here’s your answer to the former via Business News. In the cases we have received, whether it be from organisations or individuals, there have certainly been instances of severe data loss despite visualised computing applications.

If you are wondering about the reliability of SSD; it’s hard to give information on the limited set of official manufacturer figures available at the moment. I asked an associate within the data recovery industry who works with flash-based media frequently, and he described the use of SSD as a storage method as a, “disaster waiting to happen.”  If the reliability of flash-based USB pen drives and memory cards is anything to go by, given the frequency of controller chip failure, I can only concur with him. In short, to avoid data loss in the future it will require planning and good administration, regardless of the hardware used, just as it does today.