Rack mount server

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 3 RAID-5, 2 RAID-0, and RAID-1 from a NAS box

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Multiple RAID array failure.

If system administrators or home users ever thought that their data would be perfectly safe as it was on a RAID/server device please review your setup. In the last 10 days CDR – Manchester Data Recovery Services – has had a significantly increased work load relating to failed RAID and data loss. Including receiving the following:

Rack mount server

This server looks as if it is still working.

So far a good recovery has been made on each of these devices, including an emergency 24 to 48-hour service on the 8TB RAID 10. This was exceptionally challenging given the high capacity HDDs and the amount of active data stored on the array. One of the most significant aspects of 4 of the 5 RAID  recoveries we have received was that the system administrators did not attempt to rebuild or recover data themselves. We have made a full recovery on each. Unfortunately in the case of the RAID 1 the owner did attempt a rebuild and has written between 10-15GB of new data to the drive, making a full recovery impossible. The rule is, if it is important data don’t risk it and contact us for expert help.