A list detailing the recovered data

What ‘cheapo’ data recovery companies won’t do…

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File listing or recovered data ahead of payment.

At CDR – Manchester Data Recovery Services – we make it a priority to ensure that you are happy with what data you receive back before any money changes hands. To do this in advance of raising an invoice we send a file listing detailing the recovered data. Not only do we send a file listing but we provide software to view the listing easily. This makes a big difference, as being presented with just an excel spreadsheet with 50,000+ lines showing what data has been recovered is, in our opinion, rather frustrating.

Below is an image of what you would expect to see when you have loaded the file listing into the software. Not only will you see a complete directory structure which is browsable, and details telling you the number of files recovered, but there is also a search/filter function to make finding those critical files easier.

A list detailing the recovered data

Moreover, we include a ‘Status’ column. This gives an indication of whether the file is working, or whether it is corrupt. In most cases, the data is working, but on occasions, there can be files which are corrupt. We would prefer to tell you this in advance of receiving your data back, rather than you getting a nasty surprise when you come to access your files. Also, if for whatever reason the critical data you want is corrupt, and you do not wish to receive the other data back, then we will not make any charges for the recovery services up to that point. Remember, we want you to be happy with what you get back.