How to use the file listing software

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Make sure your data has been recovered successfully.

In a previous post, detail was given on what all customers receive before an invoice is raised. A file listing is sent to you detailing all of the data that has been recovered. Extensive instructions on how best to use the file listing software are provided, but these can be a little overwhelming. So we’ve put up a video showing just how easy it is to use the software. You can see from receiving the email to examining the recovered data in the software takes as few as 5 minutes.

It is worthwhile taking the time to do this. Firstly, it is there to ensure that you are happy with what data you are likely to receive back. Secondly, upon your request it provides an opportunity for Cheadle Data Recovery to re-evaluate your failed storage device in the event there is missing or corrupt data. Once any further work has taken place then we will generate a second (improved) version of the file listing.

Most importantly, if the data you require is missing or corrupt then you may choose not to proceed with the recovery, and there will be no financial charges raised. All work conducted by Cheadle Data Recovery is on a ‘no-recovery, no-fee’ basis. We do not make upfront donor part charges or other non-refundable diagnostic fees.