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Working at home, working in the office, not a working HDD

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Home office and data loss.

Not an entirely clear title, but what it alludes to is not just how much time people in the UK spend working compared with our European counterparts, but where many people are working these days. Most people have smartphones, which receive personal and work emails. Most people have access to a computer at home too, which receive your work email and general nagging from your manager. On a Sunday.

“No, not the ‘delete’ key”

Alas, getting away from work seems increasingly unlikely for many professionals. What it also means is that people are conducting working on their own computers or laptops from their office. Some employers are now trying to get their staff to work from home during normal office hours and remotely connect to the office server to save their data.

This is where things can go wrong. The blur between personal data and work data occurs. Needless to say, it does not always get backed up as well as it might be. Each week Cheadle Data Recovery receives in failed storage devices that have both a mixture of work and personal data on. Our advice is to try to keep your data separate from each other. Even create a new user profile on your computer for your work. It’s likely to lead to less confusion and distraction. You are more likely to feel as if you are ‘finishing’ work by preparing to log off from your work profile. This should also hopefully act as a cue for you to consider to back up your data to the company server.