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Working hours for data recovery

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CDR – Working hours including emergency 24-hour service.

Any person can get into a bit of a panic when they have lost their data, so it is good to know at what time you can speak to an expert about the data loss and arrange diagnostic tests or learn a little more. Please see the working hours page for details regarding this. We do offer emergency 24 to 48-hour data recovery services, which include weekends and bank holidays. As you might expect these services do come at a higher charge compared with our standard 7 working day data recovery service.

If you are unsure what to when your device has failed and you have suffered data loss then please take the following steps:

  • Unplug the storage device
  • Do not attempt to re-power it
  • Do not run Scandisk / chkdisk or other data recovery software
  • Do not unscrew, remove, touch or alter components of the hard disk drive

In a later blog post we shall explain why ignoring the above can lead to permanent data loss. For now, if you are having problems please contact CDR.