No more Seagate Barracuda. I’ll miss the silly names.

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Seagate name changeSeagate HDD name changes.

For more years than I care to remember it has always been the Seagate Barracuda range. You knew what you were getting, a 3.5″ desktop hard disk, spinning at 7200 rpm. And as night would follow day, the Barracuda 7200.4 would become a Barracuda 7200.5 and then 7200.6 and so on.

Clearly, the marketing chaps at Seagate have decided that naming your hard disk drives after an ugly fish, pipes, and stellar structures are clearly not where it is at these days. They will probably consider it incorrect ‘branding’. I feel rather sad. Other than the utterly bland names they’ve decided on it will be a shame to see the end of the Barracuda name; it’s been around since 1996. So in technology terms it a bit of a granddad.

Seagate Barracuda and Momentus

Fortunately for us in the data recovery industry, there are still plenty of silly names given to revisions of hard disk drives. Little does the consumer know that each revision of disk has its own name. We use these to identify important parameters associated with the HDD’s firmware. Western Digital opt for some suitably macho names for their hard disks, including Cougar, Buccaneer, Mammoth, Firebird and Raider. Take that competitors. I rather hope the naming is down to the engineers having a little too much spare time and interest in Marvell comic books (a pun for the data recovery followers). The less said about the disk codenamed ‘Kermit’ the better – it’s not a green disk either. I personally preferred the early Seagate Barracuda series which were all code-named after ski resorts in the USA. Marvellous.

And to avoid confusion those newly renamed hard disks and solid state disks in full:

What happens to legacy names?
We’re proud of our history, and will continue to support our legacy product names across our website and support network.
Laptop HDD Momentus®
Laptop Thin HDD Momentus Thin
Laptop SSHD Momentus XT
Desktop HDD Barracuda®
Enterprise Performance 15K HDD Savvio® 15K
Enterprise Performance 10K HDD Savvio 10K
Enterprise Capacity 2.5 HDD Constellation®
Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD Constellation ES
Enterprise Value HDD Constellation CS
Enterprise SAS SSD Pulsar®
Enterprise SATA SSD Pulsar
Surveillance HDD SV35®
Video 2.5 HDD Pipeline® Mini
Video 3.5 HDD Pipeline