3 iMac failure, hard disk data recovery

iMac data recovery, free re-installation included

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Apple iMac Data Recovery and Re-Install.

Following our previous post, “So Apple Mac computers don’t fail?” CDR – Manchester Data Recovery Services – would like to remind people that yes they do, and we are quite used to dealing with the failed hard disk drives and making a full recovery.

3 iMac failure, hard disk data recovery

So Apple Mac computers don’t fail? Three failed iMacs in this week.

iMac computers are probably the most difficult we have come across to allow for access to the hard disk drive. To access the HDD it is necessary to remove the LCD panel (monitor). To complete this it requires suction cups, various unusual screwdrivers and it is helpful to have some strong magnets on standby. Worst of all if care is not taken it is quite easy to damage the motherboard of the iMac as there are many delicate connectors attached by a host of cables to the back of the LCD panel. In short, it is not something that you should really take on yourself. Getting it wrong can lead to hundreds of pounds worth of damage. Typically it takes about 20 minutes for someone experienced to dismantle an iMac. 30 to 40 minutes if they have never tried it before. Compare this to your average PC Tower where we can have your HDD our and ready for diagnostics in about 2 minutes.

Given the difficulty of accessing an iMac HDD CDR does receive a significant number of iMac computers in for recovery from the North West of England. Customers usually visit our South Manchester premises with their computer as it is difficult to post/courier an iMac.

Free Re-installation After Data Recovery

Given it is such a chore to access the HDD in an iMac we offer home user customers free installation of a new hard disk drive. Any recovered data from the failed HDD will be copied to this. This means that when you collect your iMac and turn it on it will be fully working with all your data already transferred. Please note that we do make a charge for the new HDD, however, this is close to cost price from our suppliers. Customers are also welcome to provide their own for installation.

If you require Apple Mac data recovery services please contact CDR.