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Oversharing information: Dropbox Security Flaw

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Oversharing Data and Cloud Service Flaw.

Dropbox Security Flaw: What You Need to Know and How to Protect Yourself | Lifehacker UK.

Drop box file sharing recoveryDetails from the ever-useful LifeHacker on how to deal with the DropBox security flaw. Do protect your data. Convenient as cloud storage services are they do massively increase the chances of your data being accessed by those other than yourself. For many people this might be slightly embarrassing, however, for certain professions the consequences of this can be very serious. CDR – Manchester Data Recovery Services – has given professional advice to barristers’ chambers and firms of solicitors regarding some of the possibilities where their staff may accidentally breach data protection laws due to data loss, and the necessary steps required to avoid these. Accidental loss of data can lead to some disastrous consequences, including large fines, for examples please see:

QC guilty of data protection breach over loss of laptop’s court data.


ICO fines council £80k in latest loss of unencrypted memory stick.