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CDR’s pricing: No special offers, No discounts

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no discount data recoveryCDR’s deal of the day: “No special offers. No Discounts.”

Why might CDR advertise this? This afternoon a 25 minute phone conversation with a potential customer occurred. She had just had her data recovered by another data recovery company. Before sending her hard disk drive to them she had been quoted about £150 for the recovery over the phone. On receipt of the HDD the company sent her a quotation for over £600. After she refused it dropped to about £400. She refused again and it dropped to just over £200. She paid, and then she didn’t even get the data back which she wanted and requested.

CDR does not base quotations on how much you need or are willing to pay for your data. Quotations for HDD recovery are based on the fault the disk has.

Fixed prices in advance. The same all year round.

Nor will CDR offer a discount if the HDD or SSD is, “received in the next 24 to 48 hours.” We encourage potential customers to take their time when considering whether they require data recovery services and remind them that in most cases the chances of a successful recovery are just as good on the day of failure as they will be in a month so long as the storage device is not used.

Please give me your best price.

Earlier in the week a potential customer phoned through. He described the reason for his data loss; he had dropped his hard disk drive and it was now making a clicking sound. It was explained that as a result of the physical shock it was very likely that his HDD had a mechanical failure and consequently that this would be in the highest tier of pricing for data recovery. He was given a fixed price quotation there and then which included the cost of donor parts. He then asked, “but what’s your best price, your bottom line?” He was told that our best price is our standard price and it is unchangeable.

CDR has clear fixed prices based on the fault with the HDD. The cost of required donor parts is included within the quotation and there are never any upfront or non-refundable fees for HDDs which have not been previously opened. Please email or phone through and a copy of the price list will be sent to you by email.