8 year birthday cake

8th Birthday for CDR

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Happy 8th Birthday for CDRCDR – Eight successful years of trading.

The anniversary was last week, but with a large number of jobs received, including two RAID-5 servers, one on an emergency 24 hour turn around, updating the website had to take second place.

Over the eight years, the technology received in for data recovery has changed dramatically. High capacity hard disk drives provide a much greater challenge to recover as a result of the higher media density. There are an increasing number of devices which are encrypted, and the manufacturing process of flash NAND chips is resulting in higher uncorrectable ECC read-outs. In short, it’s not getting any easier! However, ensuring that the business has the most up to date equipment and uses the appropriate techniques allows for a high success rate.

Thank you to all of the businesses and individuals who have patronised CDR during this time. We look forward to the ninth year of trading.