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Snowden: Dropbox is hostile to privacy

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cloud security dataData security and privacy for cloud storage – time to host your own?

Snowden: Dropbox is hostile to privacy, unlike ‘zero knowledge’ Spideroak | Technology |

Even worse it might be noted is Microsoft’s Skydrive/OneDrive. Microsoft is known to have some of the most ‘open’ access to their servers and your data in the business. Details can be found here:

How secure is Microsoft SkyDrive? – Tom’s Hardware

Microsoft responds to SkyDrive privacy concerns – on NeoWin.

At CDR we no longer use DropBox (or SkyDrive) for storage of data. The prospect of it being used for reasons which it was not intended is not something which sits comfortably. Now the CDR offsite backup/cloud storage is conducted by our own host. Encrypted ahead of departure of course. You can set up your own cloud storage with OwnCloud. It’s surprisingly easy to use and you are in control. And it’s free too.