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Over 100 Data Recovery Reviews.

Nearly all of the reviews which we gather for CDR – Manchester Data Recovery Services – are found on the Google+ Business listing. Thank you to Colin McKevitt for authoring CDR’s one-hundredth review on our Google Business listing. It was particularly pleasing that Colin was a returning customer. The reviews on the CDR Google+ listing have been gathered over a number of years. However, Google has never made it easy to leave a review.

Why then does CDR use Google +?

Google does make it quite challenging to leave a review. It is necessary to set up a Google account and provide information about yourself. This does put off some people from leaving a review. However, the aim of this additional information is to stop fake reviews and to make the review accountable to an individual.

Fake reviews

Sadly the number of fake reviews found on websites is quite high. It is possible to even pay other companies to write reviews.  Popular review websites such as “TrustPilot” can have a significant number of fake reviews, and it is an issue that CDR has spoken directly with staff members at Trust Pilot about. On TrustPilot there is also the ability for a business to get a review removed. This is achieved by reporting that the review is missing ‘Proof of Purchase.’

Reports on investigations and comments regarding this can be found here :

Negative reviews

On TrustPilot: If the business claims that the reviewer does not have “proof of purchase” they can get the review removed. Perfect for removing negative reviews!

Reviews – A response from the business owner

On Google+ it is also impossible for a review to be removed by the business. It is only possible for the business to respond publicly to the review. There was a negative review left on the CDR listing. In this case, we firstly sent a email to the author addressing the points he made. CDR did not receive a response to this, and as a consequence a public reply was submitted on the Google+ listing. A number of days later the author removed his review and replied to us admitting that looking back on the review that it was, “unfair.”

Equally, the option to respond also allows CDR to thank its customers for the reviews and also provide some details about the type of work which was completed.

Google+ Reviews Data Recovery

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