MicroSD fake flash NAND

Counterfeit Memory Sticks

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Counterfeit memory stick data recovery.

In previous posts, CDR has highlighted some of the problems when working on counterfeit flash storage (memory sticks and memory cards.) As these devices look exactly the same as genuine storage devices it can be had to explain to customers why there are such challenges when working on their device. This week CDR – Manchester Data Recovery Services – received a counterfeit memory stick which had obvious alterations to it. The image shows that in this case that a MicroSD card has been soldered to the printed circuit board of the memory stick, then a hard epoxy has been used to adhere it to the PCB. This hard epoxy is extremely challenging to remove. The device reported a higher capacity storage available than actually existed.

eBay and Amazon Market Place – counterfeit central

MicroSD fake flash NAND

Here a MicroSD card has been attached to the PCB rather than a flash NAND chip

The main conduits for selling counterfeit devices is eBay and Amazon Market place. When we ask customers where they purchased their device from it is nearly always one or the other. Their decision for purchase was usually based on the lower than average price at which the device was being advertised at.

A good resource showing the example of fake flash memory can be found at “Fix Fake Flash.”

If your flash memory device (memory stick/card) reports an error, such as, “device not recognised,” or, “please initialise this device,” then please contact CDR for advice and assistance.