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Accurate RAID Array quotations

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RAID Array Data Recovery Quotations

Synology RAIDOver the past six weeks, CDR has received a considerable number of enquiries for RAID array data recovery. As a consequence, it was considered useful to provide some more information on RAID array data recovery pricing. Comprehensive information can be found on the ‘RAID Array Prices and Quotations’ page.

When a failure of a RAID array occurs it frequently means that critical data is lost. Obtaining an accurate quotation from data recovery companies can be more difficult than you think. All too often the quotation given over the phone escalates once the RAID array is received. CDR has examined RAID arrays where customers were initially quoted £350 over the phone by a data recovery company, and for this price to increase to over £3000 once it was on their premises.

Fixed price quotation in advance

CDR – Manchester Data Recovery Services – can provide a fixed price quotation which covers all eventualities of RAID Array data recovery in advance of receiving it. Please contact CDR on 0161 408 4857 and a quotation will be sent to you based on the description you give.

Please note that business insurance can cover the costs associated with RAID array data recovery services. CDR can provide supporting documentation to assist any insurance claim.

All work undertaken by CDR is only payable on successful recovery data. There are never any non-refundable fees or donor part charges for HDDs which have not been previously opened.