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February 2016 – Altered Business Hours

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Important announcement – February, 2016.

Dear customers,

Between the 12th and 23rd of February 2016, I shall be taking a period of paternity leave. As a consequence, the operational capacity of CDR will be limited. However, CDR will remain trading. Detailed below are the terms on which work will be accepted.

Thank you for your patience during this period,

Dr John C. Reid – Managing Director

Trade and partner suppliers

For all of CDR’s valued trade and partner suppliers (PC Shops / IT Support / other data recovery companies): devices can be sent in and they shall be worked on as per the normal business trading hours.

RAID, NAS, SAN and server data recovery

New work for multi-disk NAS, RAID and server data recovery will be received as normal: please email CDR at

Existing customers

Devices already received by CDR shall be worked on.