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£110 for a 500GB Hard Disk in 2016?

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Would you pay £110 for a 500GB Hard Disk in 2016?

Your answer should, of course, be, “No.” The sale price on eBuyer (November 2016) for a new 1000GB HDD is approximately £50 inc. VAT. Can you think of any circumstances in which you might pay a mark-up of over 100% for a product? Probably not.

The last time you might have paid over £100 for a 500GB HDD would have been way back in 2005. That is of course unless you have been forced into buying a new HDD to have your data returned on by a data recovery company.

Hidden pricing and scams

Not disclosing in advance the cost of a new HDD or memory stick, then overcharging for it, is just another method certain data recovery companies go about increasing the price of a job. Predictably the companies which do this are those which state that they have the “cheapest” data recovery service, or that data recovery rarely costs more than £97 to £120. Needless to say, this is rarely the case with the overall cost of the data recovery service results in being over £500, often with non-refundable fees regardless of whether the data has been recovered.

Clear prices – provided in advance

CDR will always provide an up to date price list by email of all data recovery fees and return media devices in advance of receiving any failed device of a customer. The current return media price is now on the website: HDD and Memory Stick Price List.

CDR will also provide an accurate fixed price quotation for multi-disk RAID data recovery in advance of receiving the device.