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Changes to CDR’s pricing structure

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Changes to HDD Data Recovery Prices

A review of the price structure of CDR’s hard disk drive data recovery pricing has taken place. In a bid to make the pricing structure clearer and with less chance of variation, there has been a reduction in the number of tiers of pricing. It is now even easier to give you an accurate quotation over the phone in advance of receiving the HDD. In most cases, CDR should be able to give you a fixed price quotation from a diagnosis based on your description over the phone.

Fixed prices – based on the fault

CDR, as well as a number of other leading data recovery companies, offers a fixed price based on the fault. As a result in changes to the price list there are now just three categories of disk failure for the purposes of providing a quotation:

  • Deleted data
  • Non-mechanical failures: Degraded media (bad sectors) / file system corruption / Firmware / Printed circuit board failure
  • Mechanical failures: Head assembly, Spindle motor, Pre-amplifier

All quotations include the cost of donor parts required to attempt the work. A file list with integrity check is always provided ahead of payment. There are never any upfront or non-refundable fees for unopened HDDs. CDR also publishes the cost of any new return media HDDs in advance.

Deliberately vague pricing

Unfortunately, it has been reported to CDR that some data recovery companies offer a very vague price for data recovery services in advance of receiving a failed device. Needless to say, when disks are sent into companies which offer a vague price range, the actual cost of the data recovery service is nearly always at the higher end of the range given, or even above the range given!

Contact CDR for a price list now

Please contact Cheadle DATA Recovery Ltd on 0161 408 4857 or email and you shall be sent the up to date price list by email.