WD 4000GB HDD Purple

WD 4TB CCTV Deleted video

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26/06/2017 – Western Digital 4TB (4000GB) – CCTV Deleted video

Requires deleted/lost footage to be recovered. The drive was part of a CCTV recorder. The data required is part of a legal defence.

In this case, there is the use of a Linux Ext4 filesystem. This presents some challenges for the recovery of deleted files due to updating of the inode structure. Significant amounts of new data have been written to the hard disk drive (in the form of more recent video), resulting in significant amounts of corruption in deleted files. The hard disk drive has good electronic and mechanical functionality. A complete sector by sector disk image was obtained within a few hours.

WD 4000GB HDD PurpleHard disk drive details:

Manufacturer: Western Digital (Purple Surveillance Series)

Model: WD40PURX-64GVNY0

Printed Circuit Board: 2060-771945-002 REV A


The recovery of many hours of working footage, but with corruption in some files due to new data having been written to the HDD. The customer has been given the option to determine whether the correct data they require has been recovered OK before payment.