Information about Cheadle DATA Recovery Ltd.

About CDR – Manchester Data Recovery Services.

Cheadle DATA Recovery (CDR) has been trading successfully since 2006 in the south of Manchester. The company’s aim has been to offer a professional, reliable and personal service. CDR – Manchester Data Recovery Services – can deal with all types of media, including hard disk drives (HDD), solid state disks (SSD), flash technology (memory cards / USB pen drives) and optical media. CDR specialises in the recovery of data from RAID arrays and servers and has a high success rate with these devices. As such Cheadle DATA Recovery Ltd offers the following terms:

  • Fixed price quotations.
  • No diagnosis fee & whilst-you-wait diagnostic service.
  • If it is not possible to recover your data there is no fee.
  • No hidden charges (e.g. per gigabyte recovery, or excessive postage fees).

CDR – Manchester Data Recovery Services – never makes non-refundable donor parts charges or attempts to make other charges if it is not possible to recover the data. If you require any information about the data recovery process please phone us. It will be possible to give you an idea on time scale, recovery methods and pricing once you have described the data loss you have experienced.

A significant proportion of the business CDR conducts is with customers in the Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Merseyside, Lancashire, Derbyshire and Yorkshire regions. Customers are very welcome to visit our premises in South Manchester. A free diagnosis of your failed device can conducted on a whilst-you-wait basis.

For those organisations in the North West of England CDR can offer a complimentary call out service for individuals or organisations who have suffered data loss due to a failed server, multi-disk NAS or RAID array.

CDR also accepts work from across the UK and has had many happy customers from international locations.