Specialist Data Recovery Tools and Equipment

CDR – Manchester Data Recovery Services – uses a variety of specialist equipment to recover data from failed devices. All professional data recovery services require such equipment to perform the work safely and efficiently.

PC3000 by Ace Laboratory

This includes the PC3000 suite of hardware and software supplied by Ace Laboratory. CDR uses AceLab’s products for both hard disk drive (HDD), solid state disk (SSD) and flash NAND recovery. For more information please visit www.acelaboratory.com

For AceLab’s customer testimonials, including that of CDR, click here.

PC3000 is the first port of call for any HDD or SSD diagnosis and repair. It allows the ability to interface the disk’s firmware and make alterations to the functionality of the HDD, including the ability to disable individual read-write heads in an HDD, or emulate the firmware of an SSD. Purchase for all PC3000 products needs to be directly from Ace Laboratory, based in Russia.

DeepSpar Disk Imager

DeepSpar Disk Imager is a highly effective tool for recovering data, for details please visit: www.deepspar.com

DDI is primarily used for imaging (cloning) data from failed HDDs. It is highly configurable with the ability to program many ‘if-then’ commands which suit the particular drive failure. DeepSpar is based in Canada.

Air Science

When working on failed HDD to replace the read-write heads, or attempt work on other failed mechanical components, it is necessary to operate with a minimum of a Class-100 clean air environment. CDR’s clean-room equipment comes from UK based manufacturer Air Science.

For more information on Air Science products, please see: www.airscience.com

HDD Surgery

HDD Surgery is based in Serbia, and provide the highest quality tools to allow for the removal of the mechanical components inside a hard disk drive. Each model of metal head-comb which HDD Surgery offer are designed to fit a particular model of HDD. They are precisely designed and reduce many of the risks associated with head-assembly removal.

Previously, data recovery companies had to rely on adjustable plastic head combs. Plastic head combs do not provide the same high level of security and stability as the cast metal tools manufactured by HDD Surgery. You can visit HDD Surgery’s website shop at: hddsurgery.com