iMac 27"

Apple Mac Data Recovery Services.

CDR – Manchester Data Recovery Services – specialises in the recovery of data from Apple Macintosh systems. CDR is highly recommended by both the Apple Mac store in the Trafford Centre Manchester, and the Apple Digital Store in Manchester city centre. Please feel free to ask in store about CDR’s successful previous work for customers.

Errors you may encounter include:

  • Flashing Question Mark at boot
  • The hard disk is making clicking noises
  • Unmountable boot volume
  • The drive is not recognised
  • The disk you inserted is not readable by this computer, do you want to initialise?
  • Deleted documents, photographs, and music
  • Not responding icon (rainbow colour spiral)
  • Stuck on the Apple logo on boot
  • Constant movement of the cog or progress bar on startup
  • Kernel panic message

Apple HFS / HFS+ Filesystem

Mac systems use a different file system to PCs. We recover data from HFS, HFS+, HFSX, HFS Wrapper and FAT. HFS and variant filesystems tend to be more robust than PC filesystems. However, when they do become corrupt, it often requires a significant effort to retrieve the data in its original format.

It is not recommended that users attempt to rebuild the filesystem themselves as it can lead to further, and unrecoverable, data loss. Recovering data which has been deleted is far more challenging in HFS than the equivalent work in Windows NTFS filesystem. CDR can usually achieve much better results than attempts made by PC Shops and IT Support companies.

Apple Hard Disk Drive Recovery

The hard disk drives found in Apple Mac computers, including the MacBook, iMac, and PowerMac are the same as those found in any Windows PC or Linux machine. As such they suffer from the same faults, with differences in recovery only relating to the hierarchical file system (HFS) that is used. At CDR we are used to recovering data from hard disk drives with failed printed circuit boards (PCBs), firmware, read/write heads and degraded media (bad sectors). For detailed information about hard disk drives please see our “How do HDDs work?” page.

Proprietary Apple SSD Recovery

Apple has also introduced Solid State Disks (SSDs) into many of their computers. In the Apple MacBook Pro / Air range these use a proprietary sized SATA connector, so even when the device is working fully most IT support companies do not have the equipment to interface with it correctly. More modern MacBook Pro / Air computers use a PCI Express (PCIE) based SSD. These SSDs fail in the same manner as other SSDs including NAND chip degradation and processor chip failure.

If you have any sort of data loss or hardware malfunction please contact CDR on 0161 408 4857.

All data recovery work undertaken by CDR is on a free diagnosis and a “No-recovery, “No-fee” policy.