Apple Touch Bar Data Recovery port

MacBook Pro Touch Bar 2016-2017 Data Recovery

Apple’s MacBook Pro with Touch Bar manufactured between 2016 and 2017 feature an SSD soldered directly to the motherboard. Previous models of MacBook had an SSD which could be physically removed and the data read. As a consequence recovery of data from the laptops with integrated SSD storage is much more challenging. Apple’s solution to this a piece of equipment known as a Customer Data Migration Tool Kit. This allows data to be recovered via a connector on the logic board, meaning data is not lost if the logic board fails.


Apple MacBook Pro Migration tool connector

The Customer Data Migration Tool connector as seen in the 2016 MacBook Pro. (Source: MacRumors)


However, this solution has since been abandoned due to the removal of the connector in MacBook Pros manufactured from 2018 onwards. As a result, data can only be recovered using these methods on the following models of MacBook Pro:

• A1706 (EMC 3071) 13″ Touch Bar 2016 (13,2) – Part Numbers: MLH12xx/A, MLVP2xx/A, MNQF2xx/A, MNQG2xx/A, MPDK2xx/A, MPDL2xx/A
• A1707 (EMC 3072) 15″ Touch Bar 2016 (13,3) – Part Numbers: MLH32xx/A, MLH42xx/A, MLH52xx/A, MLW72xx/A, MLW82xx/A, MLW92xx/A
• A1706 (EMC 3163) 13″ Touch Bar 2017 (14,2) – Part Numbers: MPXV2xx/A, MPXW2xx/A, MPXX2xx/A, MPXY2xx/A, MQ002xx/A, MQ012xx/A
• A1707 (EMC 3162) 15″ Touch Bar 2017 (14,3) – Part Numbers: MPTR2xx/A, MPTT2xx/A, MPTU2xx/A, MPTV2xx/A, MPTW2xx/A, MPTX2xx/A

There is a high success rate using this method of recovery, and in the unlikely event that your data is not recovered, no fee will be charged. This process does not damage your MacBook, meaning you will still be able to replace it under warranty. Most Apple laptops use encryption by default. To recover your data it will be necessary for you to provide the login password to the computer.

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