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Laptop HDD Data Recovery Services

Laptop 2.5-inch hard disk drives work on the same principles as their bigger 3.5-inch desktop relatives. Typically they have a smaller capacity and lower rotation speed. Some older business orientated laptops were fitted with micro 1.8 inch hard disks. However, on modern ‘ultra-book’ laptops these have been superseded by Solid State Disks. The micro-HDDs are usually found in Sony and Toshiba business range laptops.

Portable computers

Laptop computers are designed to travel. Unfortunately, this means that they are prone to suffering physical shock (usually being dropped or banged) or other environmental damage. Consequently, there is a relatively high incidence of head assembly failure in the hard disks due to the associated physical shock. The methods for laptop disk recovery are similar to those of desktop drives. For detailed information about hard disk drives please see our “How do HDDs work?” page.

Reasons for laptop hard disk data loss include:

Expert laptop recovery for:

  • All operating systems, including Windows, Apple OSX and Linux
  • All models of HDD
  • All causes of data loss
  • Any model or manufacturer of laptop


It is possible for CDR – Manchester Data Recovery Services – to recover data from all hard disk manufacturers including:

Seagate Maxtor Western Digital IBM ExcelStor Simmtronics
Hitachi Samsung Fujitsu Toshiba Quantum HP


Please do not attempt to open the cover of a hard disk. Exposing the platter surface outside of controlled electrostatic and clean-air conditions can result in complete data loss due to platter contamination or damage.

All data recovery work undertaken by CDR is on a free diagnosis and a “No-recovery, “No-fee” policy.

1.8" and 2.5" laptop hard disk drive

Toshiba 1.8″ hard disk drive, next to a 2.5″ Samsung.


3 Platter Western Digital 2.5″ Scorpio Blue 1TB (metal cover removed)