Solid State Disk (SSD) Recovery

SSD data recovery services

Solid State Disk (SSD) Data Recovery Services.

Solid State Disks are non-volatlve storage based on Flash NAND technology. SSDs are comprised of a number of Flash NAND chips based on a circuit board with a controller or processor. Often the manufacturer of the controller is listed as supplementary sales information. Sandforce, Indilinx and Intel are all major manufacturers of these critical components. For information on SSDs and other Flash NAND based storage please see our introductory guide, “How do SSDs and Memory Sticks work?”.

When SSDs were originally brought to market they were, and still are, advertised as being significantly faster and more reliable than hard disk drives. Many users have assumed that because a SSD has no mechanical parts it is very unlikely that failure will occur. Unfortunately this is definitely not the case with failures of capacitors and controller chips becoming increasingly common. Moreover, current research and surveys amongst retailers have shown that SSD storage has a reliability equal to that of HDDs.

CDR – Manchester Data Recovery Services – has received numerous enquiries since 2010 regarding the recovery of data from SSDs. The different symptoms of SSD failure can be harder to distinguish that a failure in a hard disk drive. Typically and SSD will be working normally, and then will suffer from a sudden and acute failure; there usually no warnings that failure is likely to occur as per HDDs.  If you have any data loss relating to a failed SSD please do not hesitate in contacting us.

We can recover data from all manufacturers of SSD including:

  • OCZ
  • Corsair
  • Indilinx
  • Intel
  • Kingston Technology
  • Lexar
  • Samsung
  • Western Digital
  • Crucial
  • Apple

All data recovery work undertaken by CDR is on a free diagnosis and a “No-recovery, “No-fee” policy.

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