Bradford Data Recovery Services.

CDR – Manchester Data Recovery Services – receives many data recovery jobs from Bradford and the surrounding areas of Shipley, Bingley, Halifax, Otley and Pudsey.

CDR offers a professional data recovery service to home and business alike. We recover data from hard disk drives (HDDs), solid state disks (SSDs), memory sticks & cards, RAID arrays, servers and NAS devices. Recovery of data from all operating systems is possible including Windows, Apple Mac, Unix, Linux and also virtual file systems (e.g. VMFS).

Cheadle DATA Recovery Ltd guarantees:

– Fixed priced quotations.

– No diagnosis fee.

– If it is not possible to recover your data there is no fee.

– No hidden charges (e.g. for data storage or per gigabyte recovery).

If you live in Bradford or the surrounding area then you are more than welcome to send your media in for free analysis and a no obligation quote. Alternatively you are very welcome to visit CDR’s premises in South Manchester and a free whilst-you-wait diagnostic test can be performed on your failed storage device. Once this is complete a fixed price quotation shall be given for the recovery of your data.

You can contact CDR on 0161 408 4857 to start the data recovery process.

CDR has been trusted to recover data from hard disks and other devices since 2006. Hard drives made by Western Digital like WD800BB 80GB Black I series frequently fail and are a typical sight for us. These drives suffer from a number of faults, including issues with the firmware. The firmware is the code on the platter of the hard disk which provides instructions for the hard disk to function normally. These firmware modules can become corrupt on this series of hard disk drive. Typically it is the ‘RBBLIST’ module which becomes corrupt, and occasionally the ‘ATA’ module. At CDR we have the technology and knowledge to correct the faulty firmware and to access the data stored on the hard disk normally.