How much does data recovery cost?

Fixed price fees provided in advance.

CDR - Manchester Data Recovery Services - aims to be as clear as possible about the pricing of its services and will provide a list of our charges to you in advance of any work. Please contact us on 0161 408 4857 or email CDR and we will send you a full up to date price list by email. CDR will conduct the diagnostic tests for free to confirm the type of failure your HDD or SSD has and then assign it to one of the prices listed. It is a no-obligation quotation. In most cases, during a phone conversation, it is possible to identify the type of fault with your device and provide you with an accurate quotation. For RAID arrays/servers, we always provide a fixed price quotation in advance of receiving your device.

We know what an emotive issue lost data can be – CDR offers realistic quotations over the phone based on the fault description. We will not just quote our lowest price over the phone.

Data Recovery Scams.

Unfortunately, there are a number of data recovery scams in the UK. Usually these companies will provide an attractive low price estimate in advance of receiving the HDD or SSD. Frequently a vague price range shall be provided and you will be told the "average price," of a recovery. Some companies will claim that nearly all data recovery work will cost between £97 - £200. However, on receipt of the device the quotation will increase significantly, usually to between £500 and £800. In addition to this, they will ask for a significant non-refundable fee ahead of performing any work, despite having advertised 'no-fix, no-fee recovery' terms. The non-refundable fee requested is claimed to be required for, "Donor parts," or "Research and Development," as your case is much more complicated than standard. Other 'scams' can include over charging for a new disk for data to be returned on, making an additional charge for the data to be copied to the HDD you provide for the return of data, or even charging upwards of £25 for a return courier fee.

Most reputable data recovery companies can provide you with an exact price of the cost of particular data recovery services. Do not accept vague price estimates before you send in your device. Make sure that you get a fixed quotation or price list sent to you by email, in advance, which covers all fees which a data recovery company may wish to make.

Before choosing any data recovery service CDR recommends potential customers to read the following article at "Data Recovery Report" on WayBackMachine. Please note that is a website based in the USA and is independent of CDR. However, many of our customers have found the information provided on this website as very useful. CDR's recommendation is that you ask any colleagues or friends for data recovery services which they have used personally and can recommend. Moreover, conduct searches on Google about any company you intend sending your device to and be sure to check past the first page of search results.

N.B. As of June, 2015, DataRecoveryReport appears to be offline, however the page can be viewed on the DataRecoveryReport WayBackMachine Internet archive.

No-fix, no-fee: Guaranteed.

All quotations include necessary donor parts and all work is on a 'no-recovery, no-fee basis'. That is, if we cannot recover data there are no charges made. There are never any diagnostic fees, or non-refundable charges, for RAIDs, servers, memory sticks, SSDs, or hard disk drives which have not been previously opened. Payment is only due after a file list is provided showing the data which has been recovered.

If at all possible please phone through on 0161 408 4857 to discuss the fault with your storage device. You will be able to speak to someone knowledgeable who works on the HDDs, SSDs and memory sticks and they should be able to give you a good idea of how your device has failed. It is also possible to arrange a free whilst-you-wait diagnostic test for your device. Once this is completed we can confirm the fault and which tier of pricing the recovery will be under.

Non-refundable fees.

CDR will never ask for any non-refundable fees for HDDs which have not been previously opened. Please view our full 'non-refundable fee' policy.

How quickly do you need your data?

We offer two levels of service at which the data recovery service can be completed. For details please see the "Time-scale of services" page.

Return of data.

If there is 20GB of less of recovered data then the data will be returned to by a secure download. The cost of this is included within any quotation. If you have more than 20GB of data it will be necessary to return your data on physical media. CDR can provide you with a new HDD or memory stick. Our up to date price list for return media is listed on the website. You are welcome to provide your own working return media hard disk drive or memory stick. If you do then there are no charges made for copying the recovered data to this device.

Data Recovery Case Studies
Too good to be true data recovery
Stephen Owens
Stephen Owens
12:42 14 Mar 24
After a catastrophic HDD failure, I was shocked to find that my Mac’s Time Machine had excluded (apparently by default because it wasn’t an internal drive?) the drive from my backups. I then... discovered I’d lost 52 years worth of photographs, many of which were irreplaceable.I contacted John after checking reviews of various data recovery companies and after discussing things with John, entrusted him with the recovery. John was very clear up front about costs and chances of recovery - given the specific type of Seagate drive involved - and then set about recovering the data.First efforts were largely successful after reading as far as the disk errors but after I was thinking that was it, John suggested he could made a second attempt - reading backwards to the errors - which indeed proved additionally successful. Results were:* Photo’s in library:  21,745* Photo’s unrecovered: 450* Unrecovered photo’s replaceable: 448* Unrecoverable photo’s lost: 1 (possibly 2)…which equates to a 99.99% success rate!I’ve undoubtedly not recovered other files but it was the photo’s (and memories) that are crucially important and I only have the highest recommendation for the efforts that John put in over and above what could be expected in recovering them.I’m hoping I never have such a situation again but if I do, I know where to come to for help.Many thanks, JohnKind regards,Stephen Owensread more
Yvonne Ledden
Yvonne Ledden
20:29 20 Feb 24
John is a first class data analyst, who offers a pristine and premium service, from the very outset of your enquiry to the completion of the data recovery project. I would not hestitate to highly... recommend John, and, had I not been fortunate enough to live quite local, I would be willing to travel a considerable distance to use his unbeatable data skills. He doesn't have the letters, and 'Dr'., before his name for nothing! I am eternally grateful to him for recovering 4 TB of irreplaceable data for me.Thank you so much John,Kindest regards from,Yvonne more
Terry Abrahams
Terry Abrahams
09:16 08 Feb 24
CDR did a great job of recovering files from one of my 1TB HDDs. Despite a broken R/W head CDR recovered 99% of the files on the broken drive and within the timescale quoted. I would highly recommend... CDR for data recovery on more
iron mike
iron mike
16:45 25 Jan 24
I had a problem with my sd card from my camera and tried various online tools to fix issue but with no joy. I spoke to John at Cheadle DATA Recovery and he took his time to explain the pros and cons... of data recovery from an sd card.Very professional and I would recommend this more

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