RAID Data Recovery: Fixed Price Quotations In Advance of Receipt

CDR – Manchester Data Recovery Services – will be able to provide you with a fixed price quotation in advance of receipt of any RAID array. CDR receives failed RAID arrays from across the UK and will provide a fixed price quotation based on the number of disks, disk interface, RAID type and whether there is any virtualisation used.

RAID Data Recovery Prices “From…”

Please be aware that a number of data recovery companies have a range of prices which apply to RAID data recovery based on their diagnosis and that any quotation or price indication given in advance of receipt of the RAID array might not be reflective of the actual end price. The use of ‘starter quotes’ is commonplace in the data recovery industry, and can provide an unrealistic initial estimation of the costs associated with complex data recovery work. Needless to say that the advance estimated cost quickly escalates when the device is received and your critical data resides on the premises of the data recovery company.

Variations in RAID failure

When working on a volume with multiple disks there is a great deal of variation in the type and severity of failure. It is very difficult to predict how much work will be required in advance of receipt of the RAID array. Often the reports about the type and circumstances of failure given by the customer are not accurate. On a number of occasions a customer has described the RAID failure as a “simple one.” Then on inspection CDR has been presented with a RAID array with multiple disk failure or file-system corruption due to a bad RAID rebuild and mishandled data recovery attempts. As a consequence the provision of a fixed price quotation in advance of receipt of the device will cover all eventualities of failure.

Non-refundable fees?

All prices quoted by CDR include any necessary donor parts to work on the failed drives and all work is on a ‘no-recovery, no-fee basis’. That is, if we cannot recover data there are no charges made even for any donor parts ordered to attempt the work. There are never any diagnostic fees, or non-refundable upfront charges ahead of the recovery work taking place. Payment is only due after a file listing is provided detailing what data has been extracted from the RAID. CDR was established in 2006 and is highly experienced in recovering data from RAID arrays and has a high success rate, which is why we are confident in offering these terms.

If you require any further information please phone 0161 408 4857. For information on our RAID services please click here or for details on our successful RAID case studies.

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