How quickly do you need your data recovered?

Free diagnostic tests take place within 1 working day of receipt of the device, and frequently on the same day. CDR – Manchester Data Recovery Services – can perform a whilst-you-wait diagnostic tests to confirm the fault for many customers who visit in person.

The timescale for recovery can vary to suit you. We offer two levels speed at which the recovery can be completed. Charges are higher for the faster services, as this can include working time during the weekend or bank holiday.

  • Standard service: 7 to 9 working days – Aimed at home users and small businesses not in a rush. Same quality of service and techniques used, but priority and emergency service jobs take precedence.
  • Emergency service: 12 to 72 hours (includes weekends and bank holidays) – Round the clock working for critical data.Work starts immediately on your device. Frequently the work is complete within 24 hours of receipt.

Please note that these time-scales are subject to access to any required donor parts.