Return media price list

CDR can provide a new returne media HDD for recovered data

Return HDD & Memory Stick Price List

Cheadle DATA Recovery Ltd will always provide a full price list of its data recovery services in advance of receiving a failed device. Moreover, CDR also lists the cost of any new return media device advance so customers can decide whether they wish CDR to provide a new device to return any recovered data on. CDR provides return media at as close to cost price as possible. When calculating the overall cost of a data recovery service it is worth considering the cost of the return media device; some companies mark-up the cost of the return media significantly.

Prices last updated on: 3rd of March, 2017.

  • 1TB USB3 Portable HDD: £44
  • 2TB USB3 Portable HDD: £60
  • 4TB USB3 Desktop HDD: £85
  • 32GB memory stick: £15
  • 64GB memory stick: £25

All prices exclude VAT. All devices are new with original packaging, and have a manufacturer warranty.

Information on memory sticks.

Whilst the capacity of memory sticks has increased significantly over recent years, the quality of memory sticks varies significantly. If you browse an online retailer you will notice that there is a considerable variation in the price of any 32GB or 64GB memory stick. The higher cost memory sticks have a better processor which significantly increases the read/write speed of the device.

Some of the cheapest memory sticks have a read speeds of less than 5Mb per second, and write speeds of less than 2Mb per second. Consequently it can take many hours to read or write data to these cheap memory sticks. CDR does not supply these memory sticks. CDR ensures that the memory sticks supplied have a minimum advertised read speed of 50Mb/s and write speed of 10Mb/s.