How to recover data correctly

At Cheadle DATA Recovery Ltd we are proud of our honest and transparent approach to offering data recovery services, this approach usually leads to positive feedback. We know that for many customers it is their first experience of data loss and consequently we aim to make the process as straight-forward as possible.

  • Step 1: Analysis and Diagnostic Tests

From your initial phone call or email, we aim to give you a realistic idea of how your storage device has failed, what can be done, and how much it will cost to recover the data. We will always send a full up to date price list to you in advance of receiving your device. CDR offers a free diagnostic service. Wherever possible we encourage customers to try and visit CDR in person with their device; we can often conduct a whilst-you-wait diagnostic test. If this is not possible or convenient then storage devices can be sent in the post to CDR, and a diagnostic test will be conducted within one working day of receipt.

  • Step 2: Fixed price quotation

Once the diagnostic tests have been performed your failed device shall be assigned to the appropriate tier of pricing, as per the previously sent price list. In most cases, it is possible to successfully diagnose the fault during a telephone conversation and confirm the price in advance. Any quotation provided includes the cost of donor parts that are required. There are never any non-refundable fees for the work we conduct, even for the donor parts that we order in to conduct the work. For hard disk drives, CDR has three main tiers of pricing that are based on the fault with the device. For Flash NAND based media (memory sticks & cards), up to 32GB, we have a single rate price based on the capacity of the device. If you do not wish to proceed at this step your failed storage device can be couriered back to you at cost charge, or you are welcome to collect it.

  • Step 3: Recovery methods

Hard disk drives and Flash NAND-based storage media can suffer from a variety of faults. Unlike most ‘PC shops’ and IT support companies at CDR there is a variety of specialist hardware data recovery tools and proprietary software that allow us to achieve a high success rate in repair and recovery. Simply plugging your failed storage device into a computer can make matters much worse. If you are suffering from data loss please turn off the device and contact an expert.

  • Step 4: Customer approval

We provide a full file listing, which details what data has been recovered. If it has not been possible to recover data from your device then there are no charges made for the work completed. In the initial quotation sheet you are able to specify what the ‘critical data required’ is.

  • Step 5: Payment and return of data

An invoice will be raised and payment details are sent to the customer by email. The recovered data will be copied to the return media which a customer is welcome to collect in person or it will be sent out by a recorded delivery service. If there is 20GB of data or less the data will be returned by a secure download. If there is more data than this then it is necessary to copy the data to a new hard disk drive or memory stick for return by a tracked post or courier service.

Fixed price quotations.

No diagnosis or donor part fees.

If it is not possible to recover your data there is no fee.

No hidden charges (e.g. donor parts or excessive postage fees).