Donor parts for data recovery

CDR – Manchester Data Recovery Services – has been trading since 2006. During this time the business has accumulated a large number of hard disk drives (HDDs), memory stick and solid state disks (SSDs). All of these devices are carefully stored and archived. Often it is necessary to use a working device to provide donor parts to attempt a recovery on the failed patient device. This is why data recovery companies keep a large stock of spare HDDs.

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

CDR holds several thousand printed circuit boards with details of which HDD they were used with originally. These include PCBs for legacy HDDs manufactured in the 1990s.

Donor read-write heads

Our stock of hard disk drives is most commonly used when there is a requirement for donor read-write heads. When a hard disk drive has a mechanical failure it is usually necessary to replace the head assembly. This requires a matching donor HDD for parts. All of our quotations include the cost of donor parts, even for rare model disks.

CDR is on good terms with a number of other reliable data recovery companies in the UK. For hard to find donor parts we offer an exchange or loan of donor parts. When required we can provide the firmware / ROM revision, head-map, micro-jog or other specific information to ensure compatibility of the donor parts for the failed patient disk.

Members of the public

CDR receives a number of enquiries from members of the public or IT Support companies to request the sale of our internal stock to them. Usually, this is a request for the printed circuit board (PCB). Unfortunately, many people incorrectly diagnose the failure of their HDD as having a failure of the PCB and assume that by swapping the PCB that they shall be able to access the data. When we speak to the customer over the phone we are usually able to correctly diagnose the failure of the disk and provide advice on what process should be taken to recover the data successfully.

Manufacturers of HDDs

Each page has a list of some of the stock which CDR currently has in. Please note these lists are not comprehensive, we have a large number of other HDDs and SSDs which are not listed here.

Please click here to view the list of donor disk and parts retained by Cheadle Data Recovery Limited.