File List Instructions

Use of the file list will help you know if the data you require has been recovered OK. It is worth taking a few minutes to use the software so you can establish that the data you require has been recovered OK.

Brief instructions

  1. Save or download the ZIP file attached/linked to the email which was sent to you.
  2. Save this to a place you can find it easily, e.g. the ‘Desktop’
  3. Open the ZIP file and extract the HTML file.
  4. Double click on the HTML file – your default web-browser should open this.

Comprehensive instructions

The file listing shows all of the files that have been recovered. It also shows the ‘status’ of the file. If next to the file it says “Header OK” then the file is OK and is working. If next to the file it says “Header Corrupt,” then it is likely the file is corrupt. However, some less common files whose header is not in our database will display as corrupt, when they are in fact working OK. I can check this manually for you. If in the status column is says “Contains Bad Sectors” or “Unprocessed Sectors” then it is also likely the file may be corrupt. Once you have checked the list please get back to me so I can continue with the recovery. Your data will then be copied to media for return.

The HTML file list has a search function. The search box is in the top right hand corner. It will search whilst you type.