Liverpool Data Recovery Services.

CDR – Manchester Data Recovery Services – receives many data recovery jobs from Liverpool and the surrounding areas of Wallasey, Birkenhead, Prescot, Bootle, and St. Helens.

CDR offers a professional data recovery service to home and business alike. We recover data from hard disk drives (HDDs), solid state disks (SSDs), memory sticks & cards, RAID arrays, servers and NAS devices. Recovery of data from all operating systems is possible including Windows, Apple Mac, Unix, Linux and also virtual file systems (e.g. VMFS).

Cheadle DATA Recovery Ltd guarantees:

– Fixed priced quotations.

– No diagnosis fee.

– If it is not possible to recover your data there is no fee.

– No hidden charges (e.g. for data storage or per gigabyte recovery).

If you live in Liverpool you are more than welcome to send your media in for free analysis and a no obligation quote.

You can contact CDR on 0161 408 4857 to start the data recovery process.

Hard disk manufactures have increased the platter media density of hard disk drives to such an extent that it has been possible to purchase micro 1.8” hard disks in capacities of above 160GB. Earlier versions of these drives used a micro IDE and ZIF interface. These disks include the Toshiba 60GB MK6006GAH and the 80GB MK8009GAH, and also the Samsung 80GB HS082HB. Typically these hard disk drives are found in high end business laptops and iPod media devices. Cheadle Data Recovery has the facilities to interface with all micro 1.8” hard disk drives and deal with failures found in these drives. We have the experience and facilities to recover your critical data from all 1.8” hard disk drives. Please do not hesitate in contacting us if you have any queries relating to these, or any other devices suffering from data loss.

As an end user the thought of serious damage to your hard drive can be daunting and in some cases frightening. The loss of data can mean vital work is lost and your computer may be damaged without you even knowing it. You should not attempt data recovery for yourself. To do can lead to irreversible damage and complete data loss.