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December RAID follow up

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RAID Array Data Recovery follow-up.

Following the Christmas time post regarding the six RAID arrays Cheadle DATA Recovery Ltd received in during December, I thought it might be useful to follow each of these up and let you know of the results.

HP/Compaq RAID 5, 5-Disk SCSI with a 2 HDD failure: This RAID array had two badly degraded hard disk drives. Cheadle Data Recovery was successful in taking a high-quality disk image of each and then rebuilding the array. The result – a full recovery of the data. We were also able to provide the customer with a de-striped ghost disk image of the RAID volume. This allowed the customer to recreate the RAID before the time of failure and boot the server, saving him hours of time having to potentially reinstall and reconfigure the Windows Server operating system.

RAID 10 Dell, 8TB 4 x 2TB SAS comprising of a dozen virtual servers: Cheadle Data Recovery successfully rebuilt the RAID array and recovered all of the data within 48 hours on our ’emergency service’. This was a challenging job, largely due to the high capacity hard disk drives, the total volume of recovered data and having the ensure error-free virtual server image files (.VHD). What the customer said:

“Obviously this has been a difficult process for all of us [at the company], and we appreciate that you have gone to unusual lengths to provide us with the data we require, and to satisfy our changing requirements.” R. Illing, Web Applications UK Ltd.

HP/Compaq RAID 0, 3-Disk SCSI with a 1 HDD failure: One of the SCSI Seagate Cheetah 10K hard disk drives was suffering from a translator fault. The result of this is that the hard disk drive is completely inaccessible and shows a capacity of 0Mb. Cheadle Data Recovery was able to resolve this issue and then rebuild the RAID array. The result was a full recovery. What the customer said:

“That’s amazing…Many thanks for the recovery work you performed for us. I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who needs them.” P. Thornicroft, Tectrix Solutions Ltd.

RAID 0, mini G-RAID 1TB external hard disk, 1 HDD degraded, and corrupt HFS+ filesystem:   A full recovery of 900GB of data was made. The critical 120GB of this was returned to the customer within 24 hours of starting working on the device. The remainder of the data was returned at a later date at the convenience of the customer. What the customer said:

“This is all good, thanks for all your help yesterday and thanks so much for giving me such a good deal, it is really really appreciated.” S. Owen, Standby Productions.

RAID 1, 1TB Netgear NAS:   Partial recovery – it was not possible to fully recreate the folder and file tree. This was a direct result of the owner of the device starting a full format of both drives recording approximately 20GB of new ‘0’ data to the front end of each disk. The owner did not require the recovered data back, and as per our policy, Cheadle Data Recovery made no charges other than a £7.99 return postage fee.

16 SAS HDD 8TB RAID 5 SAN:   Recovered remotely over a period of 5 days to ensure data was available before the Christmas.  Filesystem reconstruction was possible, the recovery of the two critical SQL databases was made. There was some corrupt data due to 40GB of new data which had been written to the volume before Cheadle Data Recovery had started work on the array.

All in all a very busy month for Cheadle Data Recovery in December, and a nice way to finish the year.


This HP controller was found in one of the failed servers. This is a very long card (about 20 inches!), and we struggled to find a case that it would fit in.