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North Pole data recovery office? No, we’re in Manchester.

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Data Recovery In Manchester.

Are you trying to find a local business? Over the last two or three years, there has been a proliferation of the use of ‘Virtual Offices’. These are places that are intended to provide an address for a business and a place to hold meetings when out of the traditional office. They usually have a prime location in the centre of major cities. “Regus” offers an excellent set of spaces around the UK.

Virtual office and PO Boxes

However, it has become apparent that some companies like to give the impression that they have a local presence in multiple cities and most importantly like to appear on the Google Places / Maps search listings. It is a form of search engine optimisation (SEO) and companies will list their virtual office or PO Box address as a listing in Google. For details and a debate on this see the following webpage:

Google Places should sort out usability rather than SEOs that use virtual offices | IP Blog: SEO, SMO and web development insights.

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We have offices, here, here and here.

Where is Cheadle Data Recovery Ltd based? Well, the clue is in the name. Approximately 65% of our customers come and visit in person from around the North West region and travel to south Manchester for diagnostic tests on their hard disk drive, solid state disk or memory stick. Those with time-critical data will often bring their entire server or RAID array so we can start work on it straight away.

Approximately 34% of the devices CDR receive are from around the country. This week we have received jobs in from Cornwall and Brighton. As for that final 1% of jobs received – they come from out side the United Kingdom, mainly from Portugal, Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Storage devices can be sent anywhere safely so long as they are correctly packaged.

So the next time you want a local data recovery service, to allow the safe delivery and collection of your data, ask if you can visit in person and meet with a member of staff to discuss your data loss. Most data recovery companies who work from the office they say they have will be happy to assist.

That being said, possibly a trip to a CDR virtual office in the south of France for a ‘fact-finding mission’ is just what the accountant called for. Well perhaps not.