Britain Stronger in Europe

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Britain Stronger in Europe

CDR supports the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign.

CDR – Manchester Data Recovery Services – trades with companies and individuals in Europe on a regular basis. Data recovery requires specialist equipment and donor parts. CDR orders its head-combs from Croatia, its Flash NAND upgrades from the Czech Republic, and donor parts for hard disk drives from across the European Union. Moreover, each year CDR receives hard disk drives, solid state disks and memory card/sticks from companies and individuals from the European Union.

CDR has also imported data recovery equipment from Russia and Canada and well as providing data recovery services to organisations based in North America, North Africa and West Asia.

Working with customers and suppliers within the European Union is straight forward. It is almost as easy as working with those in the UK. Duty and VAT are easy to account for, and financial transactions can be made quickly, securely and at a low cost between banks. When CDR has to make transactions outside of the EU it requires a great deal more organisation, administration and higher costs.

Please support the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign. The referendum will be held on June 23rd 2016.