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GDPR and Data Recovery

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Data Protection

Cheadle DATA Recovery Ltd has published its policy on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It can be found here.

For many organisations, the forthcoming GDPR legislation will require considerable changes to policy and practice. Fortunately, the existing practices of Cheadle DATA Recovery Ltd are already in line with the forthcoming regulation.

CDR has always:

  • Only used customer details to fulfil the contract.
  • Recovered data is kept for a specified period (7 days) from the completion of the work, then destroyed.
  • Customer details are not provided to third parties without the permission of the customer.
  • CDR does not have any email marketing which you are subscribed to as a result of your enquiry.

There are some minor changes which we have had to make. When returning data to customers via secure download, our data storage has previously been hosted on servers outside of the European Union. It has been necessary to change this. Moreover, if a customer provides their own return media HDD for recovered data to be copied to, we will now encrypt the entire disk using Windows BitLocker or Apple OSX FileVault. All return media HDDs which CDR supplies are self-encrypting disks with password protection.