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CDR – Data Recovery News Archive, 2006 to 2010.


28 Oct: Western Digital has unveiled its first 3TB hard disk drive, identified as WD30EZRS, will use the newer 4KB sector size.

23 June: All deliveries to new the premises in Edgeley, Stockport. Please see the map.

19 May: Completed recovery of a 14 disk RAID array after the owners had attempted to degrade and rebuild it 3 times.

17 Mar: A high number of Western Digital ROYL drives are in due to failure of the integrated ROM. Typical models seen are WD5000AAKS and WD4000AAKS amongst others including WD15EADS.

1 Jan: Called out and completed emergency RAID server recovery on the bank holiday. We are available.


10 Oct: Cheadle Data Recovery is dealing successfully with more RAID arrays and failed severs than ever before.

23 July: Cheadle Data Recovery is now 3 years old. Happy birthday!

3 Apr: Cheadle Data Recovery is seeing many Seagate 7200.11 Barracuda drives with LBA 0 and Busy states. We can fix them all.


23 Dec: Please do not hesitate to phone over the Christmas period. The calls will be answered, or your messages replied to as soon as possible.

21 Oct: Further investment in equipment is made to allow for copying highly degraded media with large numbers of bad sectors

11 Sep: New equipment has arrived to diagnose and correct a host of firmware related failures in hard disk drives

23 June: Recent telecommunication errors have been resolved; CDR is now receiving phone calls normally.

13 May: Manchester ICT Consultancy is informally launched with several clients already receiving ICT support for their business, including server setup and maintenance.

14 March: CDR is preparing to launch IT Consultancy services aimed to help small businesses. CDR hopes to advise and implement data backup, networking, and remote access & support.


6 November: CDR is happily dealing with more hard disks suffering from mechanical failures; including seized spindles, head stack failures, and faulty PCB / logic boards.

19 December: CDR will be open as normal throughout the Christmas and New Year period.

16 November: CDR now accepts all major credit and debit cards as a method of payment.

6 November: CDR is happily dealing with more hard disks suffering from mechanical failures; including seized spindles, head stack failures, and fault PCB / logic boards.

16 July: The new website goes up. Many thanks go to Darwin Yamamoto for all the design work and Thomas Logan for sorting out the maps.

5 April: Nearly a new tax year and CDR have invested in several new systems which have allowed a decrease in customer waiting times. The typical recovery time is now under 24 hours.

14 February: CDR is expanding and aims to provide services to areas within Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool, Stockport, Macclesfield as well as other parts of Merseyside, Lancashire, Cheshire, South Yorkshire and Derbyshire.


27 November: Today CDR has discovered a major error with Fujifilm XD memory cards. Inserting some of these into an external card reader will corrupt them, and they will fail to be read by the camera until formatted. CDR has approached Fuji about the problem; they are putting the blame on the card reader.

23 November: From now on CDR will be offering discounted or capped prices for pensioners, students and the unemployed.

23 October: After some technical difficulties CDR will not be taking on any SCSI devices until further notice. If you need any advice on the recovery of such items please give us a call and we will be pleased to help.

15 September: **Cheadle Data Recovery have secured access to the University of Sheffield Electronic & Electrical Engineering department laminar flow cabinets. Full refits to hard disk assemblies are now possible.**

9 September: Upgraded systems to allow the support of eSata. We have a number of customers in the last month, including the recovery and repair of iPods and creative zen players.

23 July 2006: Website goes live.
The website is up and running. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our services.