Hitachi 0A38016

Fixed price quotations, but chocolates welcomed

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Fixed price data recovery quotations.

Sometimes it is pleasant and helpful to have data recovered. Sometimes it is very important. No matter what the scenario our prices remain the same. On diagnosis of the hard disk, Cheadle Data Recovery specifies which tier of pricing the drive failure fits into, and a fixed price quote is generated. This includes the cost of any donor parts required, so there will be no phone call a week later asking for an upfront, non-refundable donor parts fee on top of the original quote.

Last week a 1TB Hitachi Desktop 3.5″ HDT721010SLA360 was received in with a PCB failure. Over the last few years Hitachi desktop hard disk drives have been relatively reliable and we have few spare parts in stock. The requirements for matching a donor PCB on a Hitachi drive are quite specific, and are based on the NVRAM and CPU controller, it’s useful to match the machine level code (MLC) too. We were able to find a supplier with a matching part within 2 working days, and work was completed with 5 working days. A full recovery was made of the data, including the university MBA dissertation that was due for submission in a fortnight.

Hitachi 0A38016

Failed Hitachi 1TB with PCB failure