Seagate HAMRs hard drives to 1Tb per square inch

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HAMR recording in HDDs.

Seagate HAMRs hard drives to 1Tb per square inch |

More storage, greater, bigger, faster! (gasp) Seagate hopes to extend the capacity of magnetic storage media (hard disk drives) even further using heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR), which looks set to replace perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) in the future.

It hopes to be the first manufacturer to reach the storage density of 1TB (1 trillion bits) per square inch. With the use of this technology, Seagate hopes to reach sizes up to 60TB. The current limit on PMR drives is about 3TB

“Hard disk drive innovations like HAMR will be a key enabler of the development of even more data-intense applications in the future, extending the ways businesses and consumers worldwide use, manage and store digital content,” stated  Mark Re, the senior vice president of heads and media research and development at Seagate.

What this quite means for the data recovery industry – increased capacities mean more data, and typically more time processing hard disk drives. Challenging whichever way you look at it.