EMC World 2012: EMC bangs the drum for disk storage | IT PRO

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EMC pushes HDD ahead of Tape for backup.

EMC World 2012: EMC bangs the drum for disk storage | IT PRO.

I’d agree that in some respect tape backup is not a reliable as it could be, or at least it lends itself to user error. We have received failed RAID arrays from servers in when the system administrator has found out that the tape backup has not functioned properly for a number of days before the point of failure.

Norton Backup Exec is also delightfully unpleasant to have to work with. It uses proprietary BKF files, meaning that all data recovery has to be completed via the Norton interface. Those who use Norton Anti-Virus might be aware that Norton does like to bloat their software with unnecessary features making them more difficult to use. Backup Exec is no different.

CDR – Manchester Data Recovery Services – does handle the recovery of data from tape drives from all DLT varieties. But if we are honest, we don’t see them in as often as we used. Organisations are turning to Hard Disk Drives as backup media.