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A History of Digital Storage for a rainy afternoon

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How does digital storage work? A short history.

What tiresome weather we seem to be having? The rainy summer season seems to be extending itself beyond the typical confines of the North West of England. As the schools break up for holidays and you might be stuck inside for some time to come this summer it’s likely you will be using your laptop / iPad / tablet / mobile phone to view the web or pictures you have taken of sunnier times abroad. Whilst you have a minute or two it might be worth thinking about just how all this data is stored. If you are interested then please check out “A History of Digital Storage.”

You are likely to find this informative (if a little dry). It is also well referenced should you wish to read more into the subject. It examines the technology behind tape, floppy, hard disk drive and flash/solid state disk storage. It is worth considering just how far things have come in terms of storage. You probably wouldn’t want this in your laptop:

This week Cheadle Data Recovery received in a 3.24GB Fujitsu 3.5″ Hard Disk Drive manufactured in 1998 and a 2000GB Hitachi HDD manufactured in 2011.  As you might expect the 3.24GB HDD is altogether easier to work with. More shall be explained about the reasons for that in a following blog post.