debt recovery spam

Data Recovery, not debt or car recovery in Manchester

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debt recovery spam

Debt recovery spam mail? Definitely not Cheadle Data Recovery Ltd.

Data Recovery Only.

It looks like a naughty company is sending out letters about debt recovery using the initials “CDR” to residents across Manchester, using the following address, and providing no other contact details:

P.O BOX 550
Manchester M5 0EE

Unfortunately, when curious recipients look up this address the Cheadle Data Recovery Ltd phone number comes up. That’s Google for you! Occasionally we also get phone calls from panicked people stuck on the motorway requesting for their car to be towed. Again, their mobile phone Google searching isn’t quite as accurate as it could be.

I can reassure residents of Manchester that Cheadle Data Recovery Ltd has not branched out to compete with the RAC or the AA on vehicle recovery, or become a dreadful spammer of debt recovery letters to households. We only do data recovery, it’s quite specialised, requires a lot of time devoted to its good practice, and it will always be the main focus of the business.

Full details of the business can be found on the contact page.