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Data Recovery and stock photos with women in headsets

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‘Silly season’ – spot the stock photo.

Given that we are at the end of August and the ‘silly season’ newspaper articles will be coming to an end we thought that we might include our own. Today whilst browsing the Pioneer customer services webpage, trying to find a firmware update to a Blu-Ray drive, I noticed a rather familiar face. Here she is:

Over used stock images


I can’t but help feel that I’ve met this woman given the number of times that I’ve seen her looking so keen and happy to take my phone calls. She is the face of customer service for various companies. I do wonder whether the likes of Pioneer, and other companies for that matter, really hope that customers will be left thinking that they are staffed by such people or even people that look like the models pictured. Surely most of us think it’s just a bit of lazy use of stock photography?

If you phone through to CDR in Manchester and are hoping to speak to an attractive woman in a headset then prepare to be disappointed. You will get to speak to someone that works every day on hard disk drives, servers, RAIDs, SSDs and flash NAND media, and also has expert knowledge of filesystems. If you give details of the type of data loss that you are suffering then you will be advised accurately on what can be done, the likelihood of success, and the cost of recovery. You will also be sent an up to date price list of all the relevant services CDR offers, including a detailed and transparent set of costings. As always all the quotations that CDR gives include the cost of donor parts, and are only ever payable on successful recovery of your data.

Google has an image search function. Visit the search page and ‘drag and drop’ an image and it will find other uses of it, and similar-looking images. See if you can find some stock photos of women in headset on websites where you might not expect them, even perhaps other data recovery websites?