winhex zip opened

Information: Deleted Data & Filesystem corruption

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winhex zip opened

NTFS filesystem loaded, viewing a .ZIP files, with an intact file header

Filesystem corruption & deleted data  – what can be done.

At CDR we try to give customers plenty of information to help them understand how their hard disk drive,  solid state disk, or memory stick has failed, what can be done to recover the data, and give them a fixed price quotation for the work. Our quotations always include the cost of donor parts required to complete the work so there will not be any nasty surprises once we make a start on the recovery work.

Deleted data can happen by accident, or in some cases on purpose. A filesystem, which acts as a map of where your data is stored on the hard disk drive, can be corrupt and invalid. If it has then you should read our information on deleted data and filesystem corruption.