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So, Apple Mac computers don’t fail? Cough…cough

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Apple Mac Data Recovery.

The wonders of marketing have resulted in more than just one or two people to think that Apple Mac computers don’t fail like Windows PCs. In short, they fail, frequently.

Most modern Apple Mac computers have an Intel processor, just like your Windows PC, running an Intel chipset. There’s lots of other hardware that it pretty similar, in fact with a bit of jiggery-pokery you can get Apple’s OSX running on a ‘Hackintosh’, or of course, run Windows on your Apple Mac using Boot Camp.

Within 7 days we've had all of these in for data recovery, plus 3 other HDDs and 1 SSD which were inside Apple computers.

Within 7 days we’ve had all these Apple Mac computers in for data recovery, plus 3 other HDDs and 1 SSD which were inside Apple computers.

Hard Disk and Solid State Disk fail first

The main reason we receive computers is of course because of HDD or SSD failure. However, one MacBook (pictured left) did have a faulty SATA to motherboard connector, which resulted in the corruption of the filesystem and data loss. The HDD itself was physically and electronically working OK. The other hard disk drives and solid state disk received had all failed in one way or another – bad sectors, firmware and failed heads. We were successful in all cases.

Proprietary Apple SSDs

In the main, the storage devices used in Apple computers are the same as PCs (with the exception of new proprietary SSDs in the MacBook Air). Consequently, the techniques for recovering the data from the HDD are the same. However, recovering data from the HFS+ filesystem can be particularly challenging. We strongly advise users not to run the disk utility ‘repair permissions’ or Disk Warrior on an HDD or SSD that is failing – it can make unfortunate changes to your storage device that cannot be reversed leading to permanent data loss. More details can be found on our Apple Mac data recovery page.

Despite Apple having introduced TimeMachine some years ago, and more recently iCloud, there are still plenty of opportunities for data loss. Please be careful. There are Apple stores at the Trafford Centre and the Arndale Centre in Manchester. If you require advice on how to backup your data on your Apple computer then the staff should be able to help. If you require Apple Mac support for your business then I suggest giving a call to the Manchester (Ardwick) based business GBM Digital Technologies.