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IBM Partner Gives Folks Two Weeks to Move Data

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Cloud storage data loss.

The Dark Side of the Cloud: IBM Partner Gives Folks Two Weeks to Move Data | Wired Enterprise |

It would be rather bad if it all went missing. This is not the first story of its type. The article itself is interesting, but so are the comments added at the bottom from some users of the cloud services, for example, “Cotter” states,

This is a great reminder and unfortunately that isn’t the only dark side to cloud services.

Consider Intuit’s apparent business model. They have captured the market with low prices with the desktop application Quickbooks, very slowly developed their cloud version, then started raising prices on the desktop version as well as separating features. The result is that the customer may have a feature in his current version and after an “update”, discover the feature is no longer available and only by paying for an “upgrade” will they get that feature back. I call this “ransom cost”, the potential for higher costs in the future due to the expense of migrating to another vendor.

Now Intuit is ramping up marketing and offering low prices on the cloud version because they’ve finally seen competitors entering their market with cloud software. I would guess the cloud business model will be the same but with an even higher ransom cost.

There is another matter of services not working as expected and the ridiculous EULA agreements. That issue killed my tax practice when a very large vendor steered me to their cloud service. I have no recourse against them except that I will never use that vendor again under any circumstance for any products they sell.

Worth some thought I would say.