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Source Code in TV and Films – Incorrect Data

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Filmmakers make up the data.

Not entirely related to data recovery, but we liked the story. It appears that film and TV makers have been hacking off unlikely bits of computer code. The rebooting of the Iron Man suit and the code displayed on the cinema screen actually related to a programming language for a Lego computer.  For all the details and other examples of Hollywood computer silliness (and the BBC’s Dr Who) see: Source Code in TV and Films.

The code in Iron Man was actually a programming language for a Lego computer

The code in Iron Man was actually a programming language for a Lego computer

As for some of the most famous computer code that people remember in a film, that honour probably goes to the ‘Matrix’. That, of course, was not real code but looked very similar to the raw data structures that many data recovery companies examine in hexadecimal editors. Viewing raw data allows us to assess a file’s integrity and also repair files.

It is also necessary for data recovery companies to be fluent in managing the commands and coding relating to the firmware of hard disk drives (HDD), and now solid state disks (SSD). The commands and firmware architecture vary significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer, as can the command sets available for data recovery. Making a mistake in the command console, particularly using the Seagate F3 architecture, can cause permanent data loss. Correctly used commands can also allow a full recovery of a HDD’s or SSD’s data. We make sure that it is always the latter.